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The Story of Fox

Before Gateway, our family of 6 was truly in an out-of-control season of chaos. The mental health of every member of the family was compromised. There were constant phone calls from the school, non-stop fighting, running away, and cops being called until finally there was an expulsion from school and we, as parents were truly at the end of our rope.

After many, many sleepless nights and a whole lot of prayer, we saw no other way around it, we needed help. We were not equipped to handle this season of parenting without it. I honestly cannot say enough about Gateway. The administration, the people working with the boys, and especially our counselor became family over the 12 months that we were all working together. They helped break some tremendous strongholds and instilled some amazing groundwork for integrity.

Our son is now playing sports in school, he is making the honor roll, the line of communication between him and us is open, and the most important thing is that his relationship with God is growing. All of the relationships inside our home have been restored and things truly feel right again. Without a doubt, Gateway is exactly where God intended for us to heal as a family.

This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.

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A life-changing program and boarding school for boys ages 11-17 that teaches discipline and builds character, confidence, respect, and leadership.

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Should you need help finding wilderness therapy programs, alternative Christian schools, therapeutic boarding schools for boys, behavioral counseling centers, boarding high schools or military schools for teens, please let us know. Military boarding schools for boys, like this Teen Challenge military school offer behavioral therapy for troubled teenage boys.

The Story of Fox

The Story of Fox is a powerful story of recovery and hope that Gateway boys academy can offer to families and teenage boys alike.