Tony is a native of Florida.  He grew up in church; his mom and dad were pastors so he knew at an early age God was calling him to minister to troubled young men.

In 1999 Tony received certification in corrections.  He worked at a juvenile prison as a juvenile corrections officer from 1999-2005.  In 2005 he received a promotion to Juvenile Justice Counselor, he did that until 2011.  In 2011 the facility was closed due to state budget cuts, at this time Tony pursued a job with Teen Challenge.  Tony was previously employed at Teen Challenge in 2003 as a second job.  His heart was still with Teen Challenge when he left, but in 2012 he felt he could no longer run from what God had called him to do.

In 2012 Tony joined the Gateway Academy team.  He and his wife and kids are actively involved in his dad’s church.