Jon Hatcher was born in San Diego, California. He lived many different places as a child. His father was employed by the Florida Forest Service. He had the privilege of being raised by Christian parents who took their five children to church and read the Bible and prayed with them regularly. At the age of sixteen, he surrendered his life to Christ. He worked actively with youth groups often as a youth speaker.

In 1974, he had the privilege and blessing of meeting and marrying his wife Janet. God blessed them with three sons. They faithfully took their sons to church and once again became very active with the youth groups.

In 1994, he was ordained as a deacon. In 1999 he was licensed to the gospel ministry. In 2014 he was ordained as a pastor. He pastored full time for three years. In 2017 God called him to Teen Challenge as a Biblical counselor. He feels it to be a great privilege to work with these young men.