Mrs. Wade is a career educator. She spent 25 years teaching in neighboring Walton County. Before retiring from the public school system in the summer of 2015, she taught elementary grades K-5 at four elementary schools from the agricultural northern part of the county to the beaches of South Walton. She also taught music and concert band during her years there as well as served as an administrator for 5 years at an alternative school. She says her passion is for teaching children, not subjects. Whether it is young pre-kindergarten children or high school seniors, education is exciting and new every day.

Mrs. Wade is even more passionate about our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  She surrendered her heart and life to Christ at the age of 11. As the daughter of a Baptist Minister and later the wife of a Baptist Minister, she has had the privilege of serving the Lord as a Sunday school teacher and church pianist/organist for many years. “When I was growing up, my family attended a revival, church conference, or camp meeting most every week. It has been exciting to see the Lord work in the lives of people throughout the years. My favorite memories are from the years we attended camp meetings in tents, arbors, and outdoors, Mrs. Wade states.”

The opportunity to serve students and families at Gateway Academy is thrilling to Mrs. Wade. “Being a part of the staff at a Christian School has always been my dream.  I am thankful the Lord has allowed me to serve in such a wonderful ministry, “she concludes.