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Schools for Boys with ADHD

Schools for Boys with Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

textingWhile traditional schools have been making efforts to keep up with accommodating students with special needs in general, any parent knows that they often fall short when it comes to individual students. If your son has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), it’s understandable to be frustrated when he is not academically and socially supported in a traditional public school. That’s why you should consider looking into schools for boys with ADHD to help him have a positive academic and social experience that can support his educational, career, and personal goals. 

Common Points of Frustration in School for Boys with ADHD

Every child’s experience will be different, depending on the specifics of his personality, severity of ADHD, convergence with other diagnoses, and the school and teachers. However, parents tend to list the same types of complaints about the experiences boys with ADHD have in public schools. Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Your son is overwhelmed with keeping up with assignments in all of his classes, and he often forgets to complete or turn in assignments.
  • Teachers continually point out that your son has difficulty focusing and concentrating in class, but they do not make adjustments to help him.
  • Your son has a hard time fitting in socially, may mention that he has been bullied or teased, and may not have many friends who he sees outside of school. 
  • Tests are very stressful for your son, and he needs more time than he is typically given to complete tests and in-class assignments.
  • Your son constantly loses or forgets where he put things that are important, like his books, backpack and lunch money.
  • Teachers are too busy and overworked to give your son personal attention, or they are not aware of how to manage the specific needs of students with ADHD. 
  • Your school is recommending that your son be put on medication to help him settle down and concentrate on school. 

Continuing to stay in an environment that does not support your son’s academic and social needs can cause him to fall behind in school, not to mention the personal impacts. He may become discouraged and sullen or go the other route and exhibit rebellious behavior that affects all of his relationships, including those at home. In this situation, schools for boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can provide the support he needs to get back on track and rediscover who he really is, rather than whom teachers see in a crowded classroom.

Top Characteristics of Schools for Boys with ADHD

shocked-teenAs you narrow down your search of schools that might be a better fit for your son, keep an eye out for several features that can help him to thrive in and out of the classroom: 

  • Comprehensive academic curriculum that’s managed as a whole so boys don’t need to worry about keeping track of assignments from different teachers in different subjects. When one teacher handles the whole day or teachers coordinate together to create balanced school work schedules, boys have an easier time keeping up with a consistent and predictable workload.
  • Pace-based learning format that allows boys to take the time they need in subjects that are new or difficult, or to thrive in the areas they already know and understand. Pace-based learning also makes it easy for boys with ADHD to take the time they need for specific assignments that require those accommodations.
  • Daily schedule broken up into chunks with short bursts of studying time interspersed with other activities, including physical exercise, throughout the day. This feature of schools for boys with ADHD helps them take mental breaks and get out physical energy and makes it easier to focus during the times for schoolwork.
  • Teachers, tutors, and instructors who understand the unique needs of students with ADHD and are trained in accommodating these needs. In addition, teachers should be eager to work one-on-one with each student to truly understand the settings in which he will thrive academically and socially, and put in the effort to make changes to help your son.
  • Environment that is safe and nurturing, where your son feels like he can be himself and not be scolded or misunderstood. This allows him to build positive relationships with his peers, teachers, mentors, coaches, and others.
  • Diverse student body with boys who have transitioned out of public school for a wide range of reasons. That way, the boys can lead others in the areas where they are strong, and learn from their peers in the areas where they are weak. 
  • Clear communication channels with parents and active presentation of resources and tools to help you understand your son and what you can do to help him succeed. Schools for boys with ADHD should give you updates about your son’s progress in academics and other areas of his life, and be able to provide input about specific goals you would like teachers and staff to be working toward with your son.

Gateway Academy for Boys Welcomes Students with ADHD

iStock_000009113858XSmallOur boarding school is designed for boys with ADHD, but it is also designed to welcome boys with a wide range of challenges and help them thrive within a supportive Christian environment. We are affiliated with Teen Challenge and use a holistic approach to help boys grow in their body, mind, and spirit during their time at Gateway Academy. Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do, and boys will have the opportunity to renew their relationship with Jesus and see the life-changing effects in their everyday life. 

Although Gateway Academy for Troubled Boys accepts many types of students, it should be at the top of your list of potential schools for boys with ADHD. We have welcomed dozens of boys with ADHD over the years and helped them thrive within our structured, caring, and hands-on environment. Our individualized pace-based curriculum is especially helpful for boys with ADHD who have trouble focusing in traditional classroom settings, and you are likely to be surprised with how much he can learn at Gateway Academy. Plus, he will have the opportunity to participate in team sports, develop career interests, go on missions’ trips, and build meaningful relationships with mentors and peers, all on the foundation of a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.  

You don’t need to spend any more time fighting to get your son the support he needs in his current school. We have done all the work for you, and we are ready to welcome your son into an environment in which he will thrive. Contact us today at gba.admissions@teenchallenge.cc or (888) 452-6811 to find out more about Gateway Academy for Boys and how we can support your son with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

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Schools for Boys with ADHD - Gateway Christian Academy

Schools for boys with ADHD like Gateway Christian Academy can help a boy get caught up on academics, learn discipline, and learn to control his behaviors.