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Group Homes for Boys

Group Homes for Boys

group homeTeenage and pre-teen boys often go through a time of rebellion when even the best parents lose hope that they will be able to help. You may have noticed that your son’s behavior has changed in recent months or years, and that he seems to be slipping away from you. It’s not your fault, and sometimes, there is not anything that you will actually be able to do to help. You are not alone, though. Group homes for boys can provide a solution for families that are struggling to get a rebellious son back on track. They are a short-term arrangement that can have long-term effects for your whole family.

Why are some boys sent to group homes?

There are a wide range of problems that lead parents to look into group homes for boys. Part of the appeal of these homes is that the boys are not all the same, and they will be able to help each other and learn from each other during their time living together. Some of the most common problems boys come into group homes with include:

  • Not responding well to authority figures, including parents, teachers, and coaches
  • Falling behind in school, despite previous strong academic performance
  • Learning disorders, including ADHD, that make traditional schools difficult to thrive in
  • Experimentation with alcohol and/or drugs
  • Patterns of rebellious behavior, perhaps including tendencies toward theft and vandalism
  • Lack of harmony at home and strained relationships with parents and/or siblings
  • Transitions at home, such as a move or divorce, that the boy has not responded well to
  • Detachment from friends, family, and activities that the boy used to enjoy

Whether your son falls into just one of these categories or several of them, he could benefit from spending some time in a group home for boys. You don’t need to solve everything on your own. In fact, many boys will do best with help from outside of the family.

How can group homes for boys help rebellious teens?

As a parent, it can make you understandably nervous to send your son away from your home for a time. It helps to first understand what type of help he will receive while he is at the group home for boys. This can provide peace of mind that you are making the right choice for your son and your family.

  • A group home is a fresh start that can make a huge difference for your son. Often, his rebellious behavior turns into a habit at home. When you move him to a new place, he suddenly has to start from scratch. He will often be able to easily return to his true self, without the behaviors that were causing problems at home.
  • Group homes for boys are very structured environments. They have an ideal balance of a home-like setting and a consistent routine. Boys will be helping with daily chores, taking on new responsibilities, spending time on their homework, and spending time with others. This structure provides much-needed consistency and help for troubled boys during what can be a stressful time.
  • The residential staff at boys group homes really knows what they are doing. They have seen many boys with problems similar to those your son has. The staff can use their experience and training to provide consistent mentoring for your son to help him truly thrive. Boys often respond well to the outside perspective these adults bring. Plus, hearing something from someone who is not a parent is often all it takes to really get through to a boy.
  • Boys learn from each other. Although you may be afraid at first that your son is going to pick up bad habits because the other boys at the group home likely had their own problems at home, this typically isn’t the case. These boys are all living in the group home because they come from good, supportive families who care about their sons. Because boys come and go at different times, many of the boys in the home will have been there for longer. They have seen and felt the transformation in themselves, and they often take newcomers under their wings.

Gateway Academy is a tight-knit group home for boys with trained Christian staff

boys group homeOne factor that many group homes are missing is that they ignore the spiritual component to true life change. Reaching a boy is not just about getting through to his head, but also to his heart. It is the heart change that will truly last, and often that heart change comes best through relationship with Jesus Christ. Gateway Academy is a residential group home for boys that puts Jesus at the center of everything they do. The boys who come to Gateway Academy often leave transformed, with a fresh outlook on life and renewed purpose for themselves.

A few of the factors that Gateway Academy adds to the typical group home experience are group Bible study, Christian mentoring, mission trips, and building in time for personal prayer and Bible reading. Although many boys come to Gateway with a surface knowledge of what it means to be a Christian, they truly discover who Jesus is during their time at Gateway. In turn, they also understand who God created them to be and how to do what God created them to do. This purpose and drive is what boys who have been to Gateway Academy take back home when they are done. 

If Gateway Academy sounds like it might be a good fit for your son, we would love to talk with you and answer any questions you have. Choosing a group home for boys is a big decision, and we want you to feel at ease through the whole process. Call us at  (888) 452-6811 so we can tell you more about what to expect from Gateway and answer your questions. If you prefer to email, send a note to gba.admissions@teenchallenge.cc. We hope to welcome your son to Gateway Academy soon!

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Group Homes for Boys

Group homes for boys can provide a solution for families that are struggling to get a rebellious son back on track. Call Gateway Academy at (888) 452-6811