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Teens with Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder…An Issue We Effectively Deal with at Gateway Boys Academy

conduct disorderWe can help your boy if he’s struggling with Conduct Disorder, a condition of persistent and recurring violations of social norms and the rights of others.  Is he showing verbal or physical antagonism, bullying people and animals, being destructive, deceitful, truant or stealing?  The term refers to the distinction between a boy’s “typical” acting out and major misbehavior.  

Gateway Academy – We’re Here to Help You with Your Teen Who Struggles with Conduct Disorder

If he doesn’t get help, your boy might find himself facing issues of misconduct that might involve school or even legal authorities.  He might even be blamed for behavioral actions over which he’s had no control.  

Treatment at Gateway centers on changing Conduct Disorder behavior patterns.  We’ll also train you as a parent to effectively discipline and reward good behavior in an attempt to end the cycle of bad actions leading to more bad actions.

Conduct Disorder is thought to be a possible precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Studies have indicated a preliminary link between different brain functions and lowered levels of compassion shown by those experiencing conduct disorders.

For Boys with Conduct Disorder, Adventure Replaces Risky Behavior and Mentoring Brings About Change at Gateway

Gateway Academy for Boys is a character-building boarding school that offers positive discipline and life-change for boys with conduct disorder — boys who’ve gotten off track in life, need discipline and order, and respect for authority and for their loved ones.

helping conduct disorderOur Teen Challenge achievement lifestyle will allow your son to change for the better, with new drive and a new passion to serve others. For boys with conduct disorder, we teach self-discipline, the value of academics and trust in God, to boys who arrive without purpose but develop solid direction and goals for their life ahead.  Counseling, team sports, spiritual emphasis and a hands-on mission outreach are offered at the academy (plus ranch and farm).

High school diplomas are awarded to our graduates, who will have been assisted in their self-paced, computer based Christian curriculum by certified teachers. Team sports teach critical interpersonal skills of camaraderie and knowing how to work with others, and so we strongly encourage athletic participation with all our students.  Our life changing military-like format (we were founded as a Christian military school) creates a pattern of achievement and attitudes of decorum and respect.

We provide our students with an atmosphere that offers a sense of well-being and ongoing support for those who are troubled by personal, spiritual and academic challenges.  In the classroom, on the exercise field and at the ranch, Gateway Academy is designed for the betterment of each student — even those with Conduct Disorder. If your son has been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder, call us at 850 547-9011 so that your son can discover there’s more to life than struggling or fighting with those who care most about him.

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A life-changing program and boarding school for boys ages 12-17 that teaches discipline and builds character, confidence, respect, and leadership.

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Should you need help finding best military schools, teen counseling services, residential treatment for teens, troubled teens boarding schools, private therapeutic schools or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. Boarding schools for boys, like this Teen Challenge military school for boys and boys homes, offers behavioral therapy for troubled teen boys and teen counseling in a structured boarding school setting. Unlike most boot camps and military schools, Gateway is a long-term residential program that helps at-risk teenage boys; boys with anger, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Gateway no longer operates like boot camps or military schools but retains the structure and discipline of military academies.

Helping Boys Overcome Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder -- A Behavioral Issue that We Effectively Deal With and Turn Around at Gateway Boys Academy for Boys.

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