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Boot Camps For Boys Compared

Boot Camps For Boys

boot campsTeen and pre-teen boys nearly always go through a rebellious period. Depending on their personality and peer influences, some of these rebellions are mild, while others seem to be spinning out of control. It’s important to understand that your son’s rebellion is not a reflection of your parenting skill, and even boys from strong families go through a rebellious time. While you can’t necessarily control your son, you can control how you respond to him and his rebellion. Try strategies at home and school while also considering programs like boot camps for boys that can provide help and hope for your son and family.

Why are boot camps for boys so helpful?

Develop physical discipline: Troubled boys these days are often very inactive, whether they are immersed in video games, spending hours hanging out with the wrong crowd, or just locking themselves in their room. Boys were not intended to be this inactive, and going through a time of pushing themselves physically can often help them start to feel more clear-headed and motivated. Boot camps for boys are based on hours of intense physical training to help them learn how to respect their bodies and care for themselves while providing an outlet for energy and emotions.

Learn to respect authority: Troubled boys often push the boundaries and have disrespectful attitudes toward the authority figures in their lives. These people probably include parents, teachers, coaches, and counselors. At a boot camp, disrespect is not tolerated, and the direct consequences quickly teach boys to submit to authority figures. These lessons often translate into life back at home, as boys have more respect for their parents and teachers.

Provide career options: Boot camps for boys typically have military roots and are structured similarly to military training. As boys go through the program at a boot camp and see themselves get more muscular and succeed in that setting, they may consider enlisting in the military when they are old enough. The skills they develop in boot camp can help them succeed in the basic training program and have a rewarding military career.

boys boot campsPlease change the setting: Residential boot camps take boys away from their homes where they engage in problematic behaviors. It can be beneficial to remove peers who influence them negatively and give boys a fresh start with new peers and different authority figures. This forces boys to rethink their identity and who they want to be, allowing them to rediscover their true selves in a setting where they don’t have as many preconceived expectations.

What to look for in boot camps for boys

As you look into available boot camps for boys, you might be overwhelmed by the number of programs. So how do you choose the one that will be right for your son? First, it’s essential to consider his specific situation and what he needs, along with the qualities and track record of each boot camp for boys you are considering.

  •  Duration of program: The ideal length often depends on your son’s situation. More extended programs have the advantage of requiring that boys genuinely submit to the authority figures for the long term rather than letting them fake it for a few weeks or months to get through the program. On the other hand, if your son is doing well in school and you don’t want to disrupt that, a shorter program during the summer might be worth considering.
  • Quality of instructors: The drill instructors will be some of the most influential people during your son’s boot camp. Therefore, you want people with proven character, not just people who can do a good job yelling at your son. In addition, some boot camps for boys hire graduates of their programs as instructors, which can be helpful because these instructors are likely to understand your son’s mindset when he comes in and be able to relate to him effectively during the program.
  • Testimonials: The best way to get a sense of a boot camp is to listen to what other boys and parents who have been through the program say about it. Of course, not every boy will have the same experience, but these can be clues to what your family can expect. In addition to reading provided testimonials, you can ask the boot camp for contact information of families you could talk to in person or on the phone to learn more.

Going above and beyond boot camps for boys

boot campsWhile boot camps often benefit troubled teens, they might not provide a complete solution. Many boys need more than the rigorous physical activity and strong authority structure a boot camp offers. A more comprehensive program for troubled boys might include the following:

  •  Team sports provide exercise while also putting boys in a setting where they can build trust and camaraderie with their teammates and develop rewarding relationships with coaches.
  • Mentoring brings trusted adults alongside boys to invest in their lives by genuinely listening to them, understanding who they are and what is going on, and helping direct them in personal growth.
  • Academic programs allow boys to catch up in school or stay on track with their expected graduation date.
  • Vocational training helps boys prepare for a career outside the military while giving them pursuits to continue engaging in back home.
  • Spiritual teaching can help change boys from the inside by guiding them into a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Family support, which engages with parents and gives them tools to understand their sons and helps ease the transition to life back at home.

campsGateway Academy for Troubled Boys offers a comprehensive and effective program to help rebellious boys find themselves again. The school’s roots as a military academy still come through in the form of rigorous physical activity and a disciplined setting. However, the school is also part of Teen Challenge and uses a holistic approach to target the body, mind, and spirit. In addition, Gateway Academy is a Christian organization committed to using the Bible to help boys discover practical and life-changing truths and develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

If you think your son could benefit from attending a program similar to a boot camp, with a stronger focus on mentoring, academics, missions, and actual life change, we would be happy to tell you more about Gateway Academy for troubled boys. So call us at (888) 452-6811 or email gba.admissions@teenchallenge.cc today, and help your son start his journey toward rediscovering his true self.

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