Teen Challenge for boys offers a military school and an accredited high school that helps turn around troubled boys. - residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.

Teen Challenge for Boys

Teen Challenge for BoysTeen Challenge for boys offers a military school like no other. We have a military academy, an accredited school, and a working ranch and farm. We provide counseling and mentoring, competitive team sports, a spiritual emphasis, and hands-on outreach to help disadvantaged people in third-world countries. All of these are meant to bring change in a boy’s heart and life.

Teen Challenge’s Gateway Military Academy Sets the Stage for a New Start and a New Direction for Troubled Boys

When given the structure and order of a military school, wayward teenage boys become respectful, confident leaders and responsible citizens.  The Teen Challenge Gateway Military Academy enrolls boys from across the nation, including from Brandon, Florida. Over 1000 boys from each of the 50 states and internationally have found a change of heart at Gateway Military Academy.

Even if you are searching for a Teen Challenge program in your area, consider that an extended time away from the peers and culture he’s being influenced by could be exactly what he needs.

Teen Challenge for BoysTeen Challenge teaches a Better Way for Boys to Live

As part of the internationally recognized Teen Challenge program, Gateway Military Academy serves teenage boys ages 11 to 17 who have made rebellious choices in life. Our military school is located in the panhandle of Florida, and our facility is accessible from Brandon, Florida and cities throughout the nation. While the program is very disciplined and structured, we commit to demonstrating the love of God to each and every cadet, surrounding him with compassionate care. Several of our staff have been in your situation, either having attended a similar program themselves or having enrolled a son in our school in the past.

For Boys, Teen Challenge Paves the Way for Total Transformation

Boys begin in our basic training platoon under the supervision of drill instructors. For the initial months, physical exercise, military drill, attention to neatness and chores surround them with structure and establish order in their lives. They learn to stop struggling against authority and begin to increase in confidence by mastering challenges that are constructive as opposed to their previously destructive activities. Eventually they promote to higher levels, obtaining privileges and responsibilities in the process.

Teen Challenge for BoysAcademic Success for Boys Transferring Credits Back to Brandon, FL

Our school operates year-round as students work at their own speed through top-notch curriculum. Certified teachers give tutorial help if required. Using this type of system, most teens who had been failing or falling behind not just get up to date but get far ahead. Gateway meets all qualifications by the State of Florida for high school graduation, and students earn diplomas at the completion of our academic program. Our high standards allow students to transfer back to public institutions or to go on to college or the military.

Teen Challenge Focuses on a New Spiritual Relationship, Direction and Purpose

Spiritual life forms a large part of life at all Teen Challenge programs, including Gateway Military Academy. We offer to every cadet a relationship with Christ and strive to maintain a Godly atmosphere helpful to Christian growth. Cadets attend group Bible studies, go to chapel twice weekly, and meet with a counselor to pursue individually assigned Bible studies designed to build character.

Teen Challenge for BoysConcentration on Family Restoration

Teen Challenge focuses on family restoration. After four months, parents begin attending weekend events for teaching on boundaries, strong marriages, and positive parenting.

Many boys in our program turn from their self-destructive behavior to a lifetime of serving others. If your teenager needs order and discipline to change his direction, please consider Gateway, a Teen Challenge Program.

Teen Challenge may be the sort of environment your boy needs to generate a change for the better. Please call or fill out our inquiry form for our Teen Challenge military school today.

Should you need help finding troubled teen ranches, or boys boarding schools, or Christian boarding schools for girls, let us know because we can help.

Military schools like this Teen Challenge military school for boys offer behavioral therapy for troubled teen boys with teen counseling for boys in a military school setting. Military xchools help at-risk teenage boys, boys with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), drug or substance abuse, promiscuity, depression, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), gang membership, or rebellion.

Teen Challenge for Boys - Gateway Military Academy

Teen Challenge for boys offers a military school and an accredited high school that helps turn around troubled boys.

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